Season's Greetings from Vario

Let the festivities begin

At a time of year typically used to look at targets and new resolutions, Director of Vario Matthew Kay, takes a different angle…

Director of Vario, Matthew Kay

As the festivities begin, typically the end of the year is a time for business to reflect upon the previous twelve months, whilst making plans for the year to come. Naturally, we at Vario will be doing this, but rather than comment on numbers, growth or targets, I want to discuss something just as, if not more important – happiness.

It’s such an intangible concept, it’s no wonder there is a multitude of literature covering the subject. It appears to be found through a variety of paths – family, travel, socialising, events, fitness, food, retail, learning, financial success – I could easily go on.

At Vario we value happiness so highly, that in 2017 we hired an external training company to come and talk to our Varios about it. There were many takeaways from the session and popular ideas such as altruism, gratitude and mindfulness were discussed and are proven to help us feel happier.

We are all unique, with our own set of values, passions and interests; so for me, individual happiness is found when one is able to blend their personal life ingredients and create the perfect recipe to live by. I think that’s what it’s all about and it’s one of the reasons that I love working for Vario as much as I do. I’m convinced that our way of work provides a platform for our Varios to mix their own happiness cocktail and to live their life to the very full.

So as you enjoy your time away from work and choose your path, be it to eat turkey, visit a health retreat (or avoid the in-laws!), may I take this opportunity to really mean it when I wish you:

A Happy New Year!