Legal Services

Change brings both opportunity and disruption

Whether it’s launching a new international venture, your regulatory specialist taking a year-long sabbatical, or an urgent litigation need that arises overnight, you must be able to respond at pace without compromising on the right solution.

And that’s where Vario comes in.

Law. Endless Possibilities.

When do clients use our services?


When workload becomes unmanageable

Whether you’re planning for seasonal changes, covering the impact of unexpected events, supporting spikes in project workloads, or managing the effects of new business wins, Vario can help.


When life’s events mean temporary changes in the office

Vario can provide flexible resources to cover retirements or sabbaticals, resignations or transfers, parental leave or other planned absence, and internal secondments onto other projects.


When the landscape changes

Legislation is evolving all the time. You can prepare for the implications of Brexit, APRA changes or MiFID 2 (to name a few) with the help of Vario.


When a team is stretched

Our Varios can provide geographical coverage, specialist skills, and sector knowledge; complementing and supporting your teams as required.


When a permanent hire just isn’t an option

Internal budgetary constraints, a planned business transformation, a freeze on headcount hiring or a lack of suitable applicants are always challenging. Flexible resources, from Vario, can ease the pressure until a long-term solution can be actioned.


When ‘okay’ is no longer good enough

Sometimes it’s just time for a change. If you’re looking for quality, high-calibre, adaptive lawyers who will fit straight into your organisation, then give us a call!

Key Benefits

Adopting this new approach to law provides critical competitive advantage to your organisation:

  • Remove stress

    Vario provides a solution to your challenges, alleviating the pressure of lengthy recruitment and onboarding processes.

  • Have your cake and eat it

    Our flexible legal services are backed by the full weight of Pinsent Masons’ resources and infrastructure, and are available as part of a wider Pinsent Masons solution if that’s what’s right for your organisation. Just ask.

  • Instant, measurable value

    Our holistic matching process ensures that every single Vario arrives at each assignment ready to contribute to your
    success from day one.

  • A cost-effective response to change

    Vario resource is a project-specific supplement to your core team.

  • Zero compromise on quality

    A diverse and growing community of highly skilled, adaptive and experienced freelance lawyers